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Coincidentally, we got a 69 on this “assignment”. (Just a fun thing we did in study hall, we had to make food look good. Well, I think that was the point… :P). It wasn’t an actual grade :P. Advertisements

I woke up a minute before my alarm went off- 5:29. Jason IMed me and told me he was about to leave. I got ready and around 6:10 he arrived in the driveway. I was already downstairs by then and was just putting my shoes on. In his car, I took his GPS and put […]

On the 17th, three US Coast Guards visited Deering (at least one was a graduate of Deering, I am not sure about the other two). They landed their helicopter in the field. During lunch, students gathered around and asked the coast guards all the questions they wanted and everyone who wanted to got to go […]

Don’t Fret


Today during study hall (well, most of it) I went to Jake’s guitar class. I had to stay in study hall to “read” for 25 minutes first.

Hello Augusta


The day before, I went to sleep at around 2am and had to wake up around 7am, although I did wake up between 6-7, it was to talk to Jason for a bit. After those short conversations, I went back to sleep. Until 7. Then I got up and got ready. Jason arrived at 7:35ish. […]

After school on Tuesday, Jake and I went downtown. Specifically, to a small park (not Deering Oaks, not sure what it’s called). However, before all that happened, my parents came to school to pick me up but I told them I was going downtown. They insisted that I go home/they drive me there, but I […]