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It gets dark by 5 PM. The sun is coming up earlier and setting later everyday, though, so that’s good… Advertisements

We went to Marshwood Middle School instead of the high school because I guess something else was going on there. Anyway, in the gym there is this smallish platform that you need to climb up a ladder to get to. The ladder didn’t give me much confidence in the stability of the platform- the top […]

I got my netbook from school today… seems pretty good, arguably faster than my pile of poop desktop, actually. It would be cool to bring this to events and then upload photos on the spot. Time isn’t that much of a factor as of now, but I could do that once I get a photo […]

Some video of the Deering Varsity basketball team after the next two photos.

It’s one year since I first actually met Jake. I have seen him before, although I can’t remember that it was him. Like one time during a fire drill. Anyway, one year ago, second semester of freshman year started and I was in the same study hall as him (and math too, but I guess […]