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I started my DSLR adventure back in 2007 with a Nikon D40, and shortly after I found myself drawn to the old manual focus, non-cpu lenses, because they were relatively cheap. On the Nikon D40, this meant no metering, either. I developed a great sense for what the light value would be in a given […]

There were shots fired at an apartment building, Lafayette Square, in downtown Portland around 2pm. It happened on the sixth floor. No one was injured, although the two gunmen fled. Police searched the 100-unit building before allowing tenants to come back in, and several people were not allowed to drive their cars off the parking […]

4000 Miles


I went to see “4000 Miles” here earlier today. It was a requirement of the English class I am taking, but it was right up my alley. It’s about a bicyclist, Leo, who shows up at his grandmother’s home and stays with her for a while. He was on a cycling trip with his friend, […]



Today was a beautiful, warm day, the first in quite a while. It wasn’t windy, either. I’m on my week-long break from school, and I seem to be getting over my sickness just in time. I ordered a 5D but it still hasn’t come yet, I had to exchange the first one that I did […]