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Classes at SMCC were cancelled shortly after the day began when a bomb threat was called in. Everyone was evacuated from the buildings causing heavy traffic at the four-way intersection at Fort Rd and Benjamin W. Pickett St. Security directed traffic in order to move the lines faster. Police searched the campuses with bomb-sniffing dogs, […]

Today, I published the video that has been in the making for the past two-ish months. It’s one second per day of my life. I decided to publish it now because I want to start something more like one moment per day, because I felt like one second wasn’t really enough sometimes. Each day won’t […]

Split Prism


I was messing around with my iPhone’s LED light and the Nikon EM. I pointed it through the viewfinder and it cast the focusing screen onto the wall. I heard this was handy as a method of focusing in dim light somewhere a long time ago.

Sunday Outing


On Sunday, I went to downtown Portland at night for a few hours with a couple of friends. We had pizza (which wasn’t that great, probably never going to go there again) and gelato. We split up and I watched a movie, Perks of Being a Wallflower, with Kyle. It was really good, I’d watch […]

Nikon Boxes


These are most of the Nikon things that I’ve bought new. All of the other stuff I had were used. All I have left from things that I have bought new is the D7000 and 35mm f/1.8G.

This morning I went to school super early to get my refund check. It was 8am (they weren’t available until 9am) and the line was already around the corner. Then after my friend Becca got out of class, we hanged out until 2ish, and then I had class from 3-6pm. After class I picked up […]

It was amazing out yesterday. I took some pictures before class started, and the professor had us go out and shoot some more for the first part of class. I scanned some of my old film negatives, too. My other class got cancelled, so I went to Portland and met up with Anthony to shoot. […]