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I woke up a minute before my alarm went off- 5:29. Jason IMed me and told me he was about to leave. I got ready and around 6:10 he arrived in the driveway. I was already downstairs by then and was just putting my shoes on. In his car, I took his GPS and put […]

Hello Augusta


The day before, I went to sleep at around 2am and had to wake up around 7am, although I did wake up between 6-7, it was to talk to Jason for a bit. After those short conversations, I went back to sleep. Until 7. Then I got up and got ready. Jason arrived at 7:35ish. […]

Peaks Island Port by David Chu on Zooomr Sam called me up today and suggested we go shooting. Where? Peaks Island. I agreed. I took the 1:30 bus to downtown and waited for Sam. He got there late. Around 2. The ferry leaves for Peaks Island at 2:15. We didn’t bother trying to catch it, […]