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365 – 359


365 – 359 by David Chu on Zooomr USPS receipt. I hate weekends, for photography anyway. Advertisements

365 – 358 by David Chu on Zooomr Seven more days until the end of my 365 project. Maybe I’ll start again in 2010… for the rest of my life. Maybe? Time flies by so fast. Red Velvet Chair Backs by David Chu on Zooomr Parking for Itinerant Teacher by David Chu on Zooomr

365 – 357 by David Chu on Zooomr While walking to the bus stop today (for school) I saw this street sign caked with snow. The white balance was a bit cold (well, very) but I liked it. I thought it fit the mood quite nicely. When I was walking home, I saw these long […]

365 – 356 by David Chu on Zooomr Well, it came. I’m trading my D40 for a D50, and asked if I could use the D50 for a bit first. The second I picked it up, I knew I wanted it. It’s amazing. The grip fits my hand perfectly, I get AF on my 50mm […]

365 – 355 by David Chu on Zooomr Today I left my D40 at home, and took my point and shoot with me instead (a Canon Powershot A550). I’ll probably do the same tomorrow. I had no option for the 2:3 framing so I went with 16:9 instead (in-camera). Left Behind, Back to Basics by […]

365 – 354


365 – 354 by David Chu on Zooomr One photo today. I haven’t had only one photo in at least a month in a half. I quite like this shot, though. So I guess that makes up for the lack of another.

Monster by David Chu on Zooomr Taken back on January 20th. New format for Together Tuesdays with Wyatt, Alesia, and me… we post our photos alone (no triptych) and simply link to the others. Alesia’s: Wyatt… died or something.