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School Stuffs


School Stuffs by David Chu on Zooomr There’s still a notebook or two in my backpack. I should get around to throwing this stuff away and making some more space :) Advertisements

The Blue Waiting Room by David Chu on Zooomr I was woken up at 12 so I could go to the doctor’s with my brother and my mom… just in case there was anything my mom didn’t understand. Of course, as usual, there was nothing I had to do. So I just wasted 3 hours. […]

All Tied Up Along the Way by David Chu on Zooomr Being bored, I took some more photos. It feels great to finally upload some. This time I used my SB-600 off-camera due to low light and my Lensbaby 2.0… well, just because. Window Ghost by David Chu on Zooomr josh dionne club photography by […]

Woo! Finally!


Symbolizing Siblings by David Chu on Zooomr Sure, these photos might be crap, but I haven’t uploaded anything since the 18th so I decided to go out for 5 minutes and take some pictures. Not Exactly My Cup of Tea by David Chu on Zooomr

Sitting Filmless by David Chu on Zooomr Looks like the sun won’t be out for the next few days… but don’t worry! Rain will be there to comfort me. :|.

I Heart You by David Chu on Zooomr Today I left the house at a somewhat late 11 AM (I meant to leave the house 5 minutes earlier). Anyway, I waited for about half an hour for the bus. I thought I had missed one until I saw two buses in a row go by […]

The Park Danforth by David Chu on Zooomr Today was Finals Day 2. I had only one, which was Gym. After that, at 9:30, I met up with Jake in another part of the school and we then started on our way to my house (2 miles away). About 2/5ths the way there, we stopped […]