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Buses Waiting for Students by David Chu on Zooomr Boy that was a long title. Today I brought the Lensbaby to school and took some shots. I also got a new camera bag today. It’s a Lowepro Flipside 300 from Bill (Mausgabe on Flickr). He also gave me my first and only (until now) camera […]



I Can Ride My Bike With One Handlebar, One Handlebar by David Chu on Zooomr Today I got a package. I thought it was the new camera bag. Nope. It was a smaller package. From Japan. I thought for a second and then I realized it was from Fried Toast on Flickr. I opened the […]

James Meliota BMX by David Chu on Zooomr Today was a great day. Other than the fact that I didn’t get to do one of the two lab reports started that is due Wednesday. Tomorrow will be fun.. all work no fun :-). After school I had an orthodontist appointment to get my braces fixed […]

New Shoes


Converse Chuck Taylor by David Chu on Zooomr ’cause my old shoes were torn up and needed replacing.

Rock Shards at Cascade Falls by David Chu on Zooomr Above: This is one of my favorite photos from this meet up. What surprised me is the small amount of processing I had to do. It was just a tiny contrast tweak. Today, I went to a flickr meet in Saco. Hint of Plum, Catherine, […]

Slanted Posture by David Chu on Zooomr Today I went outside and took some pictures with the new-to-me tripod that a person I met from Flickr gave me. I went outside once before sunset and then again after sunset. It’s quite sturdy, nothing like a Manfrotto but good enough for me for now. If it […]

How I Woke Up Today by David Chu on Zooomr Today I woke up to the sun blinding me. Anyway, I can’t believe it’s Thursday. I haven’t gotten out to take pictures enough. I also have no money at the moment for the bus :(. My friend should be coming home from DC tomorrow so […]