Early Morning Old Port Meetup


Flying High through the Early Morning Sky

I woke up a minute before my alarm went off- 5:29. Jason IMed me and told me he was about to leave. I got ready and around 6:10 he arrived in the driveway. I was already downstairs by then and was just putting my shoes on. In his car, I took his GPS and put in Jake’s address. A few red lights later, we were at Jake’s house. I was about to knock on his door but saw him looking out the window so I just went back into the car. Moments later, he came out of his house and into the car. Off we went- to the State Pier.

We were the last ones to arrive, and boy was it cold near the water. Once we met up with the others, Bob gave Jake the A3000 to use along with three rolls of film.

I am too lazy to describe the rest of the meet up, so take a look at the photos, which are not in chonological order :P.

After the meet up, I went to Deering Oaks park with Jake.

Deering Oaks Ducks

The Porthole

Red Tie, Suits You

Heart at the Pulse

Shooting a Heart

Brent Reflect


Notice Signs at the Pier

Tripod Legs

The Staples Overwhelm Him

Leaning Against a Deering Oaks Tree

Olympus Infinity

Where the Wild Things Are

iSnap Brent

Two of a Kind


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