Hello Augusta


Spinning and Spinning

The day before, I went to sleep at around 2am and had to wake up around 7am, although I did wake up between 6-7, it was to talk to Jason for a bit. After those short conversations, I went back to sleep. Until 7. Then I got up and got ready. Jason arrived at 7:35ish. His GPS wasn’t working until he found a paper clip or something and poked the reset button. Off to Augusta we go.

About an hour later, we arrived at the State House. It was cold and Jason and I couldn’t find anyone until Danny pulled into the parking lot with his son. I looked back as we headed towards Danny’s car and I saw Gwyn following us. Apparently everyone was out front. Which I thought I checked. Anyway, after talking a bit and waiting, we left and walked around.

After walking down some railroad tracks, we climbed up to a bridge and crossed it, and went to where the Augusta Mental Health Institute used to operate. Of course, the buildings are empty now and boarded up, but we managed to find a way into every one of them and take photos in there.

Soon tired and hungry, we walked around looking for a place to eat. Everywhere seemed to be closed, so we walked some more and found some chain stores. We ended up going to Friendly’s, where I had a holycraphuge bacon cheeseburger. Yes, I finished it, along with the ice cream that Danny gave to me (his food came with ice cream, mine didn’t). Shortly after, (at this point, it was just Jason, Me, and Danny along with Jared) we all headed back to the parking lot. Danny and Jared decided to go into the museum, and Jason and I were about to head home. But we left the car and decided to join Danny and Jared.

After a while in there, we ACTUALLY left and went our separate ways. Jason and I went into a Starbucks/Burger King where he got some Pumpkin Spice Latte thing and I got a Vanilla Chai Latte along with a Whopper Jr. from Burger King. An hourish ride home awaited me, and a bit longer for Jason. It was raining hard the whole way home.

Non-Slip Texture

Bridge Under Bridge

Growing Between the Spare Tracks

Curled Leaf

Look, a deer! Oh wait...

Old Fashioned Sewing Machine

Skeletal Skateboarder

A Soldier's Hand

Worst Place to Have a Business

Abandoned Institute Mirror Shot

Jason Sliding Through

Gywn is Way Ahead

Gwyn Far Away

Gwyn on a Playground

Gwyn Left Behind

Ghost of AMHI


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