Sunday Outing


Kyle and Snowflake

On Sunday, I went to downtown Portland at night for a few hours with a couple of friends. We had pizza (which wasn’t that great, probably never going to go there again) and gelato. We split up and I watched a movie, Perks of Being a Wallflower, with Kyle. It was really good, I’d watch it again.

Condiments at Bill's Pizza
One of the numerous empty tables, there was only one other patron at the time.

Snowflake the Cat


Sidewalk Snow Drift


Nikon Boxes


Nikon Boxes

These are most of the Nikon things that I’ve bought new. All of the other stuff I had were used. All I have left from things that I have bought new is the D7000 and 35mm f/1.8G.


This morning I went to school super early to get my refund check. It was 8am (they weren’t available until 9am) and the line was already around the corner. Then after my friend Becca got out of class, we hanged out until 2ish, and then I had class from 3-6pm. After class I picked up the Tokina 12-24mm f/4 that was on Craigslist, although I think I’ll probably sell it.

Spring Refund Check Line
The Line.

Becca Through A2
Becca through her Canon A2’s viewfinder.

Valentine's Day Horse Ride
A couple enjoys their Valentine’s Day horse ride.

Hearts on the Library

EQME Sticker
Equality Maine sticker.

Dogs on the Beach


I Hate You Both
Very fitting for Valentine’s Day, no?

Shed at East End

It was amazing out yesterday. I took some pictures before class started, and the professor had us go out and shoot some more for the first part of class. I scanned some of my old film negatives, too. My other class got cancelled, so I went to Portland and met up with Anthony to shoot. We went all over Portland, and ended up at a hill on the East End to see the sunset. It was unreal, the sun was just about level with us and the color was amazing. I’m really happy with the street shots I took as well.

School Garden

A person pulls up his pants as he walks from sunshine into shade.

Girl in Purple

Red-Blue Coated

Little Coat

White Railing

Health Science Center


Railing Shadows

ME 108

Sun Gleaming Off of Railing

Dorm Windows


Dorm Windows

I spent the night at my friend’s and it was early but he went to bed because he was tired. I stayed up a bit longer doing homework, and when I decided I should go to bed, I couldn’t. So I got up and quietly made this with the quiet shutter mode on the D7000. I also misplaced my glasses and couldn’t be bothered to look for them at the time so I used live view to focus because AF wasn’t working that great either. I initially took a picture with my iPhone from bed before I decided that it would look amazing from the D7000.

Dorm Windows - iPhone

Out After Nemo



After the storm subsided on Saturday, I went over to a friend’s dorm and other people came over as well to hang out and eat. Everyone else left and the three of us went to The Gelato Fiasco after watching Harry Potter.

31.9 Inches of Snow


Snow Blown Trees

We’re in the middle of a winter storm/nor’easter right now. I plowed the driveway and not two hours later it’s already pretty deep again. I was hoping to head downtown today, but for the first time in my life, the bus service was canceled due to snow.


Melted Snow
My D7000 after going out for a bit.