What a Wasteland


I know, I haven’t updated in months. Is anyone even bothering to check to see if this blog is updated anymore? I’m hoping to post some pictures soon, although it may or may not be here. It will definitely be on my Flickr page: http://flickr.com/photos/david_blue/

If anyone is still checking, please comment! I want to know who is still checking.


11 Responses to “What a Wasteland”

  1. Holy Cow!! This does live. :) Don’t worry… I’m horrible at updating mine too. Haha.

    At least you’re still shooting. I’ve seen some of your pics on Flickr.

    • Do you have this on an RSS feed or something? Haha. After mooonthss of nothing, I post something and you comment on it almost instantaneously. Okay not quite instant but you get the point.

      How are you?

    • I’ve been good, I can’t believe I’m in my junior year of high school already. Lots of things remain the same since I first stepped into the school but a good amount has changed as well.

      I looked for a job the entire summer and no one hired me, though. I must be doing something wrong…

      • I doubt you’re doing anything wrong. You have thousands of other people looking for jobs also. There’s lots of competition right now. Just stay persistent and find a way to make yourself stand out. :)

        Are you and Jake still together?

      • Indeedy we are, the 4th marked 17 months :).

      • Congrats!! That’s exciting stuff. :)

  2. RSS thing.

  3. 9 eis

    yep, I check too :)

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