102/365 (Free Books Again)


102/365 (Free Books Again)

Emergency Stairs

After a billion days without updating, I have gone through and blogged all of my photos that I have uploaded since then. It took a while. Now I’m going to go get myself a soda and not blog for another month.

Kidding. Well, I’ll try, but I didn’t blog my photos before because I was always tired and after uploading my photos to Flickr, all I wanted to do was sleep. Now I seem to have more energy. I hope it lasts :P.


2 Responses to “102/365 (Free Books Again)”

  1. Well it’s about time you updated. ;) Haha.

    Good pictures David. :) I need to get out and shoot more…

  2. 2 neecol

    hay der
    you’re only two seats away

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