37/365 (It’s My Birthday)


37/365 (The Beatles)

I turned 16 today. What did I do to celebrate? I met up with Jake at the main bus stop (the Pulse) and then we went to the mall. He took me to different stores to find some clothing. He ended up getting me a hoodie/jacket for $30, while I got myself two shirts and a messenger bag for a total of $15. I also got myself another SD card since the D5000 takes more space for RAW shots than the D50.

For a late (super late) lunch, we went to the food court, where we ordered some tacos from Taco Bell. And a large Mountain Dew.

Overall, it was the best birthday ever. I spent it with the one person I love and I don’t regret it one bit. Oh, and on the way to the bus stop I ran into my mailman who had a box for me- which contained the 55mm f/1.2 Nikkor-S from Josh Dionne. He’s letting me borrow the lens until I come down to Massachusetts this Summer. Once I got to the Pulse, I unpacked it, cleaned it up, and mounted it. I didn’t use any of the other four lenses that I took with me.

The photo below was taken at NIGHT. Amazing what a super fast lens and a camera that is great at high ISO can do.


Jake Flare

Much Colder Than It Seems

Camera Necklace

Mr. Monocromatic

Don't Worry, You'll Grow Back Soon

Nine & Co Sunglasses

Tie Circle

Look, Plants in the Mall to Keep Things Pretty

Neon Casted

Jake and Bubble Wrap

Hazardous Voltage is Right

I Can't Believe It's Not Bokeh!

Mall Skylight


3 Responses to “37/365 (It’s My Birthday)”

  1. Happy 16th Birthday!!

    Glad you two were able to have a good time with each other.

    – Jeremy :)

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