27/365 (I Get My Netbook)


27/365 (Dell Latitude 2100)

I got my netbook from school today… seems pretty good, arguably faster than my pile of poop desktop, actually. It would be cool to bring this to events and then upload photos on the spot. Time isn’t that much of a factor as of now, but I could do that once I get a photo job that requires it. Of course, not using this netbook but something else. Maybe the Apple iPad :P.

I hear people complaining that these netbooks are too slow. Do they forget that they got the netbook for free- minus insurance which was $15-25? If they’re too slow, just bring in your own computer which you probably paid $1000 for. Honestly, if you gave these netbooks to a poor family’s kid, they could possibly be the happiest person around.

Valves for Chemistry


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