6/365 (D5000 at Best Buy)


6/365 (Taken with the D5000 at Best Buy)

Nicole wanted to go to the mall (—> Best Buy) to get a game (Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands) and wanted me to come with her. So I did. While she went to look for the game, I played around with the D5000, after getting it to work. I took a few photos and some video. Meanwhile, Nicole didn’t find the game and asked an employee to help. He said he would check the back, but I guess he ditched us or something.

So off to the food court we go. We got some McDonalds and sat down and ate. There was a guy nearby yelling “Yummy Chicken” and other phrases as advertisement for “Sarku”, a Japanese restaurant. After we finished eating, we high fived the guy and went back to Best Buy. Once there, we asked another employee if he could help us find Sunshine Islands. He checked the back and found it. At the cash register, we found out that we were 50 cents short. So the cashier pulled out his wallet and contributed a dollar. He even gave Nicole the change.

Annnd finally to the bus stop. We were waiting outside when Nicole spotted Jake through the doors. I went in, following Nicole, and hid from his mom while Nicole got his attention. Jake spent the next 5 minutes or so with Nicole and I at the bus stop. Then the bus came and I left, along with Nicole.

D5000 Video at Best Buy, originally uploaded by .David Chu.

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