A Day at the Park


The Most Pointless Fence Ever

After school on Tuesday, Jake and I went downtown. Specifically, to a small park (not Deering Oaks, not sure what it’s called). However, before all that happened, my parents came to school to pick me up but I told them I was going downtown. They insisted that I go home/they drive me there, but I kept denying and they stayed there for like 15 minutes just standing there. My mom also told Jake to say “we’re just friends” to me. She told me to say the same thing to Jake a few weeks prior. Pfft, how would you like it if I told you that you can’t love someone anymore? I hope you had a horrible birthday.

Anyway, the bus came shortly after and I convinced Nicole to come with us, to Subway (we went to eat first). After eating (I had a sweet onion chicken terriyaki sub and some cookies), Nicole went home while Jake and I went to the park. Then we went home. The bus stop was pretty exciting.

Jake at (or on) Monument Square

Camera, Jacket, Exposure Cheat Sheet, Bag...

Families in Greater Portland


2 Responses to “A Day at the Park”

  1. 1 EEM

    Love the new layouts you and Jake are using.
    Hope that you two stay strong and get through this together!

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