First Day


Reflection on the First Day of Sophomore Year

So today was the first day of sophomore year for me. First thing I did when I got to school was check the darkroom. It was mostly the same, although one or two things had fallen off the walls (prints/posters). The floor seemed to have been cleaned, as it was squeaky. I don’t recall it being like that when I left it 3 months ago. I also found out that they changed my schedule around a bit for second semester- moved my study hall from third period to first period. I want it to be third period, so I will talk to my guidance counselor so they’ll change it back.

DC (Deering Coaching, basically homeroom) was the first “class”. Our DC coach was transferred to another school so we had a new one. 50 minutes later, we left DC to go to our first period class, which for me was Geometry. 50 minutes after that, we went to our second period class, which for me was Health. After that, English. There’s about three jerkasses in English though, so I don’t think I’ll like that class very much. Then it was lunch time. Jake and I went to the darkroom.

After lunch was Photoshop class. I think this will be my favorite class, although I’m not completely sure yet. I am looking forward to a semester of poking cockface (that’s Nicole) in the side.

Jo Olympus


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