Two Days Left Until School


Pointing at Me for No Particular Reason

Well it’s just two days left before school begins again on Friday. Yesterday, Jake and I went downtown/to the mall. First we just wandered around for a bit, and bought some candy (gummy bears and other stuff). Then we went to the mall. And looked for messenger bags. But we could not find any that were good (they were all huge and/or pricey!11!). After that, we headed over to Borders and went through part of a Postsecret book.

Ten minutes before 4 PM, we went back to the bus stop and waited. Once we got back to downtown, we went to Starbucks and got a Vanilla Chai and went on our way to the bus stop. Jake decided that we had a little less than an hour left so we uh… wandered around again. Back to the bus stop, Jake caught his bus first while I had to wait about 20 minutes for mine.

Jake has Two Shadows

Jake in Macy's

Stalking Corey on the Bus


Gummy Bear Blowjob

Late to the Party


One Response to “Two Days Left Until School”

  1. Nice documentation of your little adventure.

    And good luck with school! ;)

    – Jeremy

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