Jake + Me, Curtain + Window


Jake and I

I’ve decided to switch to Flickr for image hosting for this blog, although I have been posting regularly to both Zooomr and Flickr for at least a year. Zooomr seems to be on it’s last legs, or something. No updates from Kris (creator of Zooomr) for a long while.

The Curtain on my Window


4 Responses to “Jake + Me, Curtain + Window”

  1. You guys are so cute together!

    Keep up the good work! :)


  2. 3 EEM

    You two make a cute couple. And go you! It’s hard enough being Gay so young . . . but to be lucky enough to find someone that you love and loves you just as much is even harder.

    I always look forward to your updates. (And Jake’s too)
    You have real talent and I’m always anxious to see more pictures!


  3. :] <3
    I have to say though the photo with the curtain really sets the mood for some reason-and no not 'that, mood-more like a somber mood that makes everything seem depressive

    dont mind me, just babbling :p

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