Peaks Island with Sam


Peaks Island Port
Peaks Island Port by David Chu on Zooomr

Sam called me up today and suggested we go shooting. Where? Peaks Island. I agreed. I took the 1:30 bus to downtown and waited for Sam. He got there late. Around 2. The ferry leaves for Peaks Island at 2:15. We didn’t bother trying to catch it, so we decided to take the next ferry instead. 3:15. So, we had an hour to kill and walked around. We took some pictures, most of which were not keepers (for me, anyway).

Around 2:50, we went on our way to Casco Bay Lines and bought tickets. It was about $16 for both of us. We went out to the gate and waited, where some of Sam’s friends showed up and started chatting. I mostly stayed quiet, except for a couple of laughs. Just as I switched my 35mm f/2 to the 10-20mm, the ferry came and we boarded.

15 minutes later, we were there. Sam and I walked around the island aimlessly taking pictures. We went into a church thrift shop where we were greeted by this super energetic (and slightly creepy) older lady along with another not-so-energetic older lady. They only had women’s clothing, but managed to keep us in there for a little over 5 minutes talking to us. We just nodded and they went on and on.

We walked around some more and then we decided to head back. One of Sam’s friends told us that the ferry came at 5, instead of 5:15 that we had originally thought. With that in mind, we went into a store and bought some root beer. We took it to the port and waited until the ferry came. Which was not long after.

Then we went home.

Round Mirror 35
Round Mirror 35 by David Chu on Zooomr

Three's a Crowd
Three’s a Crowd by David Chu on Zooomr

Red Rider
Red Rider by David Chu on Zooomr

The Little Infant, Staring
The Little Infant, Staring by David Chu on Zooomr

Vespa Scooters in Park
Vespa Scooters in Park by David Chu on Zooomr

Aquatic Blue Doors
Aquatic Blue Doors by David Chu on Zooomr

Picket Fence Entrance
Picket Fence Entrance by David Chu on Zooomr

Rental Bike Tires
Rental Bike Tires by David Chu on Zooomr

43 Adult 5 Child
43 Adult 5 Child by David Chu on Zooomr

Blurry Photos Almost Guaranteed
Blurry Photos Almost Guaranteed by David Chu on Zooomr


One Response to “Peaks Island with Sam”

  1. Hey! I saw some of your photos on Flickr… followed you to here. You’ve got some great stuff. A very artistic eye. Way better than I do. Haha

    Keep up the good work!!


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