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Bright Works by David Chu on Zooomr Yesterday, Jason IMed me and said he wanted to go take some pictures some where. Sunset was in about 2-3 hours so we decided to go to the White Mountains in NH. An hour before we got there- we remembered about the Moxie Festival. So we turned around […]



Growing Up in a Man Made World by David Chu on Zooomr Two Sides for Every Leaf by David Chu on Zooomr Makeshift Fencing by David Chu on Zooomr

Leaking Orb of Light by David Chu on Zooomr This photo wasn’t taken by me- it was taken by Jake <3. It's of me, holding my SB-600 which was triggered wirelessly with Cactus V2s. And of course, edited by me :P.

Gathering ‘Round for the ‘Works by David Chu on Zooomr I got there pretty late- about 15-30 minutes before the fireworks began. I took a couple of shots before the sun went down and then waited for the fireworks. Not knowing which direction they were going to be, I just pointed my camera and waited. […]

Loose Strands


Loose Strands by David Chu on Zooomr Hope I can spend July 4th with Jake :D.