A Day Out with Jake


I Heart You
I Heart You by David Chu on Zooomr

Today I left the house at a somewhat late 11 AM (I meant to leave the house 5 minutes earlier). Anyway, I waited for about half an hour for the bus. I thought I had missed one until I saw two buses in a row go by me on the other side of the street. I hate it when they’re late. I can understand 10 minutes or something but 20!? Gahh. Anyways so I was late to the Pulse and had to wait a while longer for the number 4 bus to come (which takes me to Jake’s house). When it arrives, a huge line formed. Mostly students. I guess it was their last day (my last day was yesterday).

I pulled the rope to signal to the driver that I wanted to get off the bus, but he missed my stop and went to the next one… which is somewhat far from where I wanted to get off. So I ran to the beginning of Sagamore and walked the rest of the way. Once I got to Jake’s house, he asked his dad if he could have an extra hour because I was an hour late (darn buses!) and his dad said yes. After that, we went on our way to the bus stop. Well, we ran. After we saw the bus at red light. We missed it.

We ended up waiting a while longer for the bus (I’d estimate about 10-15 minutes?). What did we do to pass the time? Mess around with the shopping carts that were there, flick our school ID/bus cards at each other and a couple of other things like tearing down a flyer *cough*.

Eventually we got to the mall. Where we went straight to Starbucks. After we got our drinks, we went to Hot Topic so Jake could get some gloves. After that? H&M… After that? We went to the bus stop to go home. Well, home for me. My house for Jake. Anyway, we sat there and played a word game. I said one word, Jake said another that was related to the other word in some way, etc.

Quotes of the Day:

Me: Starbucks
Jake: Coffee Nuts
Jake: I mean coffee beans!

Jake: Measurement
Me: uhh Long
Jake: uhh *trying to say something that’s not pervy* Pole

Jake: Us
Me: Love
Jake: Forever
Me: Always
Jake: Eternity

Jake: *pushes button to signal driver to stop… actually poking my leg* It’s not working!
Me: Trust me, it’s working… ;D.

Jake: Heads! *flips penny* Woo!
Jake: Tails! *flips penny* Woo!
Jake: *blows on penny* Tails! *flips penny* Dammit.

Pointed Ends of a Fence
Pointed Ends of a Fence by David Chu on Zooomr

A 6
A 6 by David Chu on Zooomr

Parking Garage Convex Mirror
Parking Garage Convex Mirror by David Chu on Zooomr


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