Electrical Birds on a Cloudy School Day


Electrical Birds
Electrical Birds by David Chu on Zooomr

Today I stepped out of my house to a misting in the air and a feeling that it would be a great day for photos, even though it seemed gloomy out. Of course, it wasn’t, seeing as I only have one image to show for it. Anyway, math class was mostly spent helping Jake study for finals (I think he’s getting it… sure seems like it), while science class was spent Neecol-less (and thus boring). In gym we did the push ups and crunches test… I got 22 push ups and 47 crunches. 47 was the limit for the crunches, the teacher made us stop after that. I think the highest number for push ups was 25 or 26.

Almost forgetting about photo club (the last meeting of the year, actually), Jake and I were walking to the darkroom when I suddenly remembered about it. So we turned around and went to photo club. Who showed up? Sam and his friend. Jake and I went down to the patio area to fetch Christian. What did we do? Sam’s friend showed him how to do some things in Photoshop while Christian and I ate some food. Jake messed around with my camera.

During study hall, Jake and I went to the darkroom as usual, where I helped study some more with Algebra.

and another subject. <3.


2 Responses to “Electrical Birds on a Cloudy School Day”

  1. and another subject <3


    also I bet I’ll fail P.E since I can’t like… Do a push up.
    At all.

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