Cactus Triggers!


No! My Hat!
No! My Hat! by David Chu on Zooomr

Shot above: A couple of friends were trying to take Jake’s hat during lunch, so he covered his head like this. I took a picture.

I received the Cactus wireless flash triggers today from Justin. Took the shot below just to mess around with it. I don’t really see myself using it a lot (although that might change). I do a lot of on-the-go photography so the lack of TTL hurts. Plus if I’m just doing on-the-go stuff, I can just use my SC-28 TTL cord instead of going wireless.

Today, I also took some pictures (some would be an understatement) at a graduation. Casco Bay High School’s graduation, actually. I wanted to use the wireless triggers but I think I would have been way to far away to use them. I also didn’t really feel like asking if I could set up a flash. So my use of flash was limited to on-camera. Anyway, I was there for about 4 hours, and in the end earned $40. Not much but I wasn’t really expecting a lot anyway.

Ahh so tired. I think I’ll go to sleep now.

Cactus Triggers Test
Cactus Triggers Test by David Chu on Zooomr


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