Downtown & Mall (and Downtown Again)


Apple Keyboard
Apple Keyboard by David Chu on Zooomr

Today, school ended at 9. Well, 8:55. 1 hour and a couple of minutes. Jake and I spent the time in the darkroom. At 9 we headed out and looked for our friends, because we were going to go downtown and then to the mall. Once we were outside, we just threw acorns at each other. Well, not really each other, seeing as most people were throwing them at Raymond. Anyway, once the bus arrived we got on and headed downtown. What did we do downtown? Walk around, got some Starbucks (well, Jake did), got some candy (well, Cynthia did…) and headed back to the bus stop to go to the mall. We waited about 5 minutes for the bus, it was late.

After we got in the mall, the first stop was the Apple Store. We messed around in there for a good half an hour (possibly longer? I don’t remember). We mostly fooled around using Photo Booth on an iMac, although at first I was checking the iPhone. Next stop, Hot Topic. Well, Jake, myself, Raymond, and another friend (don’t know how to spell her name) went there. The others (Cathy, Cynthia, Wendy) went to Forever XXI. Jake wanted a hat but couldn’t afford it. When Wendy came over from Forever XXI, he asked if he could borrow some money, and so he did. After that, we were all hungry so we headed back downtown. For “pizza”.

We didn’t get pizza. We got a drink first (bubble tea) and then went to Subway for food. I got a sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub split in half (one half for Jake, the other for me). We put his half in another bag and he went off to the bus stop. I ate mine in Subway. Once I finished, I went to the bus stop to say bye to Jake (hoping that he had not left yet). To my surprise, he was actually still there. A few minutes after I got there, his bus came. He gave me a goodbye kiss (love you!) and off he went. I went back into Subway for a little bit and then we left to go to the bus stop to go home.

250 Dry Prints
250 Dry Prints by David Chu on Zooomr

Darkroom Wall
Darkroom Wall by David Chu on Zooomr

Non Slippery Surfaces Inside
Non Slippery Surfaces Inside by David Chu on Zooomr

Bacon Gumballs
Bacon Gumballs by David Chu on Zooomr


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  1. 1 jakers

    (love you too!!!)

    haha one of the best days of the school year :]

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