I’m so in love, woah-oh, I’m so in love with you, you, you, uh-oh.


Burning Under the Sun
Burning Under the Sun by David Chu on Zooomr

I only think of you always and forever (and forever).

Today in math we did a quiz and after that we did some work out of the book. In science we made (well, started to make) a constellation viewer. Boring stuff. In gym we went to the tennis courts and “played” tennis as usual. During lunch, unlike last week, Jake and I actually stayed out of the darkroom and hung out with friends. We first went to Quality, where I got a soda and then we went to Jet Video so Wendy could get some ice cream. Then we headed to the elementary school’s playground for about 5-10 minutes before the bell rang.

During study hall, in the darkroom, I helped Jake develop his first roll of film. The beginning of the roll came out perfect but toward the end of it, the film wasn’t rolled on properly and it didn’t develop. I think there was a good 6-7 frames messed up. It was my fault, seeing as I rolled it onto the spool for him. Hope he doesn’t mind :P. During the last 15 minutes of study hall, Christian left the darkroom so Jake and I had 15 minutes to ourselves. Tomorrow we’ll have at least an hour… and that will be our only “class” tomorrow :D.

Love you, Jake. <3.


One Response to “I’m so in love, woah-oh, I’m so in love with you, you, you, uh-oh.”

  1. 1 jakers

    haha “class”
    love you


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