Darkroom Entry


I Love NY
I Love NY by David Chu on Zooomr

Today I was in the cafeteria waiting for either a) Christian to finish his food or b) the time to be 7:25. It was 7:25 first so I went to leave, but then I saw the teacher with the key and I asked her if I could keep it for the day or until she starts regularly staying at school 4th block again. She gave me the key and I put it on my keyring which have my house keys and a couple of other keys that I have no idea what they go to. I’m too lazy to take them off.. but it also makes it more obvious that I have the key so it’s slightly more difficult to lose.

During lunch, I had to go take some pictures for the school newspaper. After that I went to find Jake. Once I found him we just sat there for a bit with a friend and talked but later went outside on the back patio. It was super windy out so Jake offered me his jacket. So I took it and wore it for the rest of the school day :D.

For the beginning of 4th block, Christian, Jacob, and I went into the Darkroom as usual but a few minutes later, Michel joined us. We found some speakers and ended up plugging her/Jake’s iPod into it. After Michel left we all rested for the most part. Jake and I eventually set up our bags on the ground as pillows and went to sleep. Or at least we tried. Christian can’t keep his mouth shut. Makes it kinda hard to sleep. Regardless, it was an awesome day in the darkroom. Probably one of my favorites :). I love you Jake, and I always will. Forever. foreverjakers <3.

SoFoBoMo Tree
SoFoBoMo Tree by David Chu on Zooomr


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