Back to the 50mm for a Day


Pin Point Light Source
Pin Point Light Source by David Chu on Zooomr

Today I decided to give my 10-20mm a rest and mounted my 50mm. Perfect day, too, because I had to take some portraits for the newspaper club. Today was relatively normal… after second block we went to the auditorium for awards. Me? I got high honors :D. During lunch, despite the rain, I stayed outside with a couple of friends.

After lunch, (yeah I know, I pretty much skipped describing the whole day) we went to study hall. We had a substitute so we had to wait a bit longer than usual to go to the darkroom. Christian, Jacob, and I wrote our names on a piece of paper and where we were going. We originally just sat around and just talked but when Sam came in, Christian and Sam started printing while Jacob and I were leaning against the wall. I helped out occasionally when they didn’t know what to do. After school it was raining even harder, so much that my camera needed to be dried off once I got home.

Pink and White Tulips
Pink and White Tulips by David Chu on Zooomr

Safe Light FIlter
Safe Light FIlter by David Chu on Zooomr


One Response to “Back to the 50mm for a Day”

  1. 1 jakers

    hey david :D
    haha for a minute i was like ‘um,where have I seen that red light’ then i was like ‘oooh! haha darkroom-chyeeeaaah’ xD


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